Piano music written and performed by Paul Wilhelm. Offered on cd and cassette.

Reflections from Higher Ground. Piano music written and performed by Paul Wilhelm. Offered on cd and cassette.

Introducing Restoration . . . the third album by pianist/composer Paul Wilhelm. This album combines many of the familiar styles and sounds of Paul's previous recordings with a variety of instrumental sounds. In addition to his signature piano style, Paul has incorporated strings, bass, percussion, woodwinds and brass into the pieces on this album. The opening theme, with the same title as the album, presents a horn ensemble playing a powerful and dramatic introduction to a variety of musical experiences. Enjoy the fresh, open-air sounds of a piece called Desert Flower, and the haunting, eastern influence of All The Tea In China.

For the first time on one of Paul's albums, there are two vocal numbers. Listen to the inspiring rendition of Paul's Song of Hannah, which appeared as an instrumental on his previous album, Reflections From Higher Ground. this song has been performed in concert, and appears now of Restoration with a new arrangement and the lyrics. Paul also created a moving arrangement of the traditional Irish song, The Rose of Tralee.

There are piano solos on the album also, with Paul's definitive style, which combine a neo-classical feel with jazz, folk, and light rock styles. The final piece on the album, Leaving It All Behind, is a spiritual journey, with strong Christian themes interwoven into the music.

Restoration represents Paul at his best, and demonstrates the next phase in the evolution of his music. Those familiar with his first two album, Bridges To Oak Street and Reflections From Higher Ground, will love his latest creation, as will those who are new to Paul's music.

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1- Restoration (Fanfare...)  
2- Desert Flower
3- All The Tea In China
4- The Song Of Hannah  
5- Apollo's Pursuit  
6- Within The Walls
7- I'll Trust In Him
8- The Rose Of Tralee  
9- Restoration (reprise)  
10-Leaving It All Behind